Is Lustre Ready for Flash Storage?

Flash is the flashiest new storage technology, but is Lustre® ready for it?

The short answer is “yes.” We’re optimizing Lustre for flash — including server-side configuration, setup and IOPS performance tuning.

Peter Bojanic and our panel of Cray storage experts will go in-depth in our upcoming webinar, “Will Lustre Ever Be Ready for Flash?”, at 9 a.m. PT on June 12, 2018.

Balancing performance and economy

Spending your storage budget strategically on the optimal balance of capacity versus performance storage gives you more resources to put to work solving mission-critical problems.

Flash is expensive for capacity storage, but it easily beats HDDs on $/IOPS and $/GB/sec. HDDs, on the other hand, are an economical choice for capacity. That’s why we’re moving toward combined HDD and flash storage for next-generation Cray systems. This hybrid combination gives you the performance of flash plus the affordable capacity of HDDs in a single system.

Ways to implement flash

The HPC community is talking about the many ways flash can be implemented under Lustre; SAS, NMVe and NMVe over Fabrics are examples. We’ll explore the use cases where each of these networking technologies can make sense.

Flash & Lustre

Improvements in recent Lustre releases have enabled the file system to support not only the high per-device bandwidth delivered by flash — around 15x that of today’s HDDs — but also its low latency, an area where Lustre used to lag. Removing latency issues has equipped Lustre to efficiently exploit flash’s performance capabilities.

Cray is a member of the Lustre community and we actively contribute to Lustre improvements, which are incorporated into our ClusterStor™ storage systems.

Stay tuned as we push the boundaries of flash and related technologies with amazing systems now and in the future, keeping Lustre relevant and efficient as we deliver flash solutions for HPC storage problems.

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