Machine Learning, Haystacks and Conversing Cars … at SC16

“Sometimes it’s harder to find the haystack than it is to find the needle” was our favorite quote from SC16 on Wednesday.

Once again, SC16 is living up to its theme of “HPC Matters,” with speakers sharing examples from almost every area of daily life.

Mark Staveley, Cray’s director of product management for machine learning, made the “haystack” comment while sharing insights on machine learning Wednesday at a Tech Talk at the Cray booth. For Mark’s brief intro to machine learning, check out this video.

The Cray booth also hosted a Tech Talk by our friend Eric Lequiniou of Altair called “Can We Talk? Simulating Car-to-Car Communications with a Cray XC40.” Cray and Altair are using electromagnetic simulation to improve the design and use of antennas for car-to-car communications, and Eric showed attendees the simulations. And Wim Slagter of ANSYS presented a Tech Talk on “Why Scale Matters: High-Fidelity Simulations in Product Design.”

In other sessions, Cray customers made presentations about their work in cancer research, drug discovery and genome sequencing.

SC wouldn’t be SC without Cray’s 28th annual supercomputing celebration, co-sponsored by Intel. This year’s event attracted more than 1,000 of our best friends.

The knowledge sharing and networking between the Cray team and their HPC colleagues and customers continue through Thursday.

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