New ClusterStor L300N System Addresses the #2 Roadblock in HPC

Hyperion identified storage access time as the #2 roadblock in HPC. The newly announced ClusterStor™ L300N hybrid storage system with intelligent NXD software is purpose-engineered to address the mixed I/O bottleneck that many HPC users are facing as they run more and more applications on the same system. In fact, this software innovation delivers up to 1,000 percent I/O workload acceleration over traditional HPC storage systems.

The NXD I/O manager monitors incoming I/O in real time and optimizes data access by directing large-block writes directly to HDDs while small writes are sent to SSDs. Once the small writes have been coalesced on the SSDs, the blocks are flushed to the HDDs. This allows completely transparent, efficient I/O acceleration to your applications, your users and your file system.

The NXD software stack contains features that address the diverse needs of modern HPC applications:

  • Read Persistence: Uses advanced caching technologies to enhance small-block random I/O performance by identifying frequently accessed data. This data is copied into low-latency flash storage located in the Cray ClusterStor storage appliance.
  • Write Back: Helps with write-intensive workloads. It allows writes at full speed to the NXD storage tier, gathers the datasets, then writes to disk over a period of time in the background.
  • I/O Histogram: Profiling specific application workloads from a storage point of view is critical. Understanding where data ultimately lands on your storage is key to set the correct tunable parameters for the NXD.
  • Performance Statistics: Real-time update of the cache device performance, such as cache hits, cache usage level and cache space consumption is essential for optimal performance.
  • Dynamic Flush: Flushing of dirty data is performed by the flush manager of NXD under different scenarios, such as when the amount of dirty data reaches a certain threshold or when I/O activity drops. The flushing “speed” can be adjusted by a user-controlled parameter.

SC17 attendees can learn more about the refined ClusterStor L300N system at these locations:

  • Cray booth #625
  • Dell booth #913
  • Seagate booth #1363

The new ClusterStor L300N storage system with NXD is available directly from Cray as well as through our valued reseller partners including Dell, HPE, Atos/Bull, Fujitsu, Viadex, E4, Scalar, Alliance Technology Group, Cambridge, Penguin, ClusterVision, Meadowgate, Silicon Mechanics, WWT, OCF and Harwood.

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