Optimizing Next Generation Sequencing Environments with Graph Analytics

Last week, I discussed using the right tool in your technological environment, and today I’d like to note the importance of this when it comes to life sciences, specifically bioinformatics and next generation sequencing (NGS). In this video on Cray’s blog, I describe some of the problems that pharmaceutical and biotech organizations are plagued with, and how a graph analytics solution can resolve them.

In the video I answer many key questions that I’ve heard working with scientists, including:

  • How can graph analytics address the data challenges seen in an NGS environment?
  • What power does a graph representation give you that a traditional RDBMS does not give you?
  • Where does a graph analytics solution fit in an NGS workflow?

Head over to the Cray blog to learn more. I’ll be giving a presentation in the bioinformatics track at Bio-IT World in Boston this Wednesday at 12:15pm, but if you’re not in the area, then register for our free webinar on May 1, 2014 at 1:00pm EST: “Data Integration in Life Sciences—Are You Ready?”

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