Extreme Scaling in CAE Applications

With all the change that has happened around the high performance computing (HPC) environments used in manufacturing over the past 20 years, two constants have remained: 1) the computer-aided engineering (CAE) workload – and hence the demand for ... [ Read More ]

OpenACC for HPC Accelerator Programming

In a blog post last month, Cray’s Jay Gould examined the critical role of software in a supercomputer.  In this latest software series, David Wallace, Cray’s Director of HPCS Software Product Management, provides a thorough understanding of OpenACC, ... [ Read More ]

Big Data Systems: Big or Big Fast Data?

You say HPC & Hadoop®, I say big fast data While the “big” part of the big data nomenclature is a characteristic that garnered so many headlines, organizations using big data systems like Hadoop, in meaningful ways are coming to discover that ... [ Read More ]