Seymour Cray Award Nominations Due July 1

The IEEE Computer Society is accepting nominations for its annual Seymour Cray Computer Engineering Award, named in honor of Cray’s founder, who is frequently called the “father of supercomputing.” The society is also accepting awards for its 2015 Sidney Fernbach Award and Ken Kennedy Award (in conjunction with the Association for Computing Machinery). Nominations are due by July 1.

The Seymour Cray Award recognizes “innovative contributions to high performance computing systems that best exemplify the creative spirit demonstrated by Seymour Cray.” It was instituted in 1997, a year after Cray died.

Cray’s own Steve Scott, chief technology officer, received the award in 2005, “For advancing supercomputer architecture through the development of the Cray T3E, the Cray X-1 and the Cray ‘Black Widow.’”

Anyone may submit nominations for the awards. Additional information is available here.


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