Boost Your HPC & AI Knowledge with Fall Learning Series Webinars

Summer is almost over and fall is the perfect time to refocus, reengage, and reinvest in learning how to overcome some of your biggest HPC challenges. To help get you on track, Cray is offering a September Learning Series of webinars designed to address four of the most frequently asked questions we get in areas ranging from artificial intelligence to storage and compute to software. Join us for any — or all — of the sessions to learn, ask questions and engage with industry thought leaders. Tuesday, 9/11, 9 a.m. PT: The Three Steps: Focusing on Workflow for Successful AI Projects As artificial intelligence (AI) has gained mainstream acceptance, there's been a lot of focus on the systems used to develop and train models. But ... [ Read More ]

How to Choose the Right Data Storage the First Time

It used to be that only two factors drove an organization’s choice of data storage platform: performance and cost. But along came data… and then more data and bigger data and, well, it’s not stopping. Yep, data got big and traditional approaches to storage selection and management don’t work anymore. From where we sit as a designer of complete high-performance computing and storage systems, we’re seeing commercial and research institutes scrambling to keep up with data growth. We’re seeing some large research institutes planning infrastructure for storage solutions up to 250 petabytes in size. On the commercial side, we’re seeing AI research and development generating data of even larger magnitude. Data growth is flipping company ... [ Read More ]

Business Cards Change, but the Passion for Open-Source Lustre Doesn’t

DDN announced today that the Intel Lustre® team has found a new home at DDN. In an open-source, community-owned model it doesn’t really matter which logo is on the business cards of the developers who are contributing to the community. That's a good thing, because there have been a lot of changes for two of the key contributing development teams in this decade. Driven by a vibrant and passionate community, Lustre® has quickly become the de facto standard in leadership-class supercomputing environments around the world, and now 77% of the Top 100 systems are using Lustre (June 2018 list). It’s easy to see why when you compare open-source Lustre’s benefits to other expensive, proprietary file systems. Cray ... [ Read More ]

How to Make Solving I/O Bottlenecks Look Easy

We live for a good customer challenge. And you can’t get a much better challenge than one that turns into a new product with broad application. The challenge came to us by way of Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) and the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA). LANL launched their “Trinity” supercomputer in 2015. Based on Cray® XC™ series architecture, Trinity is the first installation of the NNSA Simulation and Computing program’s initiative to develop and deploy a series of advanced technology systems. Together they’re exploring compute technology so they can provide platforms with higher performance for predictive capability — all while solving national security challenges. In short, NNSA and LANL are working ... [ Read More ]

Is Lustre Ready for Flash Storage?

Flash is the flashiest new storage technology, but is Lustre® ready for it? The short answer is “yes.” We’re optimizing Lustre for flash — including server-side configuration, setup and IOPS performance tuning. Peter Bojanic and our panel of Cray storage experts will go in-depth in our upcoming webinar, “Will Lustre Ever Be Ready for Flash?”, at 9 a.m. PT on June 12, 2018. Balancing performance and economy Spending your storage budget strategically on the optimal balance of capacity versus performance storage gives you more resources to put to work solving mission-critical problems. Flash is expensive for capacity storage, but it easily beats HDDs on $/IOPS and $/GB/sec. HDDs, on the other hand, are an economical choice for ... [ Read More ]