5 Answers to Your Lustre Storage Questions

We recently held a webinar for the Lustre® community — now available on demand — to address questions about the convergence on a single canonical Lustre release stream and what that means for future feature development. Some of you asked questions that we ran out of time to cover in our Q&A session. Our storage experts answer them here: 1. Any tips on how to identify usage patterns on previous Lustre versions that would benefit from Lockahead in 2.11? Our 2017 CUG paper, "Lustre Lockahead: Early Experience and Performance Using Optimized Locking," addresses that very topic. Lockahead shows significantly improved write performance for collective, shared-file I/O workloads. Initial tests show write performance improvements of more ... [ Read More ]

New ClusterStor L300N System Addresses the #2 Roadblock in HPC

Hyperion identified storage access time as the #2 roadblock in HPC. The newly announced ClusterStor™ L300N hybrid storage system with intelligent NXD software is purpose-engineered to address the mixed I/O bottleneck that many HPC users are facing as they run more and more applications on the same system. In fact, this software innovation delivers up to 1,000 percent I/O workload acceleration over traditional HPC storage systems. The NXD I/O manager monitors incoming I/O in real time and optimizes data access by directing large-block writes directly to HDDs while small writes are sent to SSDs. Once the small writes have been coalesced on the SSDs, the blocks are flushed to the HDDs. This allows completely transparent, efficient I/O ... [ Read More ]

Cray Analytics and Alluxio – Wrangling Enterprise Storage

For business to not just survive — but to flourish — it’s become imperative to make decisions with near immediacy, continuously pivot strategy and tactics, and merge streams of inquiries into meaningful action. Executing requires high-frequency insights — the competitive advantage in today’s frenetic business landscape. Together with Alluxio, Inc., we enable businesses to gain the competitive advantage with faster time to insights with our integrated solution of Cray high-performance analytics platform and Alluxio’s memory-speed virtual storage system — Alluxio Enterprise Edition. For businesses on the cusp of innovation and seeking that information advantage, Cray has fused supercomputing with an open, standards-based framework to ... [ Read More ]

Optimizing Performance for Diverse Computing Requirements

When you have as many as 600 different projects and 6,000+ diverse users, how do you implement a supercomputing solution to address such a broad range of applications? How do you optimize the code performance across the grand variations? Based on challenging requirements like this, Cray developed the XCTM series supercomputers to support differing processor technologies in the same architecture. By leveraging the advantages of both multicore and many-core devices, these hybrid Cray systems can target the most appropriate technologies to get the best possible performance out of differing applications. With this in mind, Cray has delivered its insightful software tool stack with its highest-performing XCTM supercomputer configuration to ... [ Read More ]

[Infographic] Risk Management & HPC

In the post-2008 credit crisis world, risk evaluation by financial institutions has steadily increased in demand and complexity. Where large banks once performed risk analysis on a monthly basis, they’re now performing these calculations at least daily, if not in near-real-time. Cray makes this possible with the embedded Aries network, which eliminates the performance and latency issues of more traditional “fat tree” approaches, as well as the DataWarp™ applications I/O accelerator which effectively removes data access bottlenecks. See the infographic below for a look at Cray’s approach compared to legacy approaches – and to understand the difference in value.   ... [ Read More ]