Your Own Supercomputer — in the Azure Cloud

Your organization relies on technology for a competitive advantage. You need fast, reliable performance. But high-performance computing can be a big investment, and challenging to manage as part of your IT infrastructure.

Cray and Microsoft make it easy — and you get Cray supercomputing in the Microsoft Azure cloud.
This convergence of supercomputing capabilities and the ease of cloud management enables disruptive innovation for new categories of companies. It alleviates the management burden and reduces barriers of entry to HPC.

Supercomputing is no longer out of reach for smaller enterprises and organizations that can’t or don’t want to maintain their own datacenters.

Get details about Cray in the cloud in this white paper by HPC analyst Intersect 360.

Intersect360 analyst Addison Snell says, “The combination of Cray’s systems and support capability, combined with the access to Azure’s robust services, can go well beyond traditional IT resources and unlock possibilities which were previously impossible due to scaling and performance limitations.”
Topics include:

  • Market dynamics – vertical market distribution of HPC usage
  • Cray in Azure – differentiated capabilities, managing Cray in Azure, and expanding high-performance workloads
  • Research analysis – looking toward AI, big data and HPC

He also examines two industry trends: (1) big data and analytics, which inspire companies to unlock the competitive advantages hiding unseen in their data; and (2) artificial intelligence (AI), fueled by advancements in machine learning algorithms made by leading hyperscale computing companies such as Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and others.

Just as big data swept through the IT landscape, many companies are now launching investigations of how AI might help them automate processes, improve responsiveness, and increase competitiveness.

Download the full paper, “Azure Provides Smooth On-Ramp to Cray Computing,” to learn more about today’s HPC and cloud landscape, and to find out how Cray in Azure can work for your enterprise.


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