Inaugural Exascale Day Celebrates Scientists & Researchers

There are probably a quintillion (1018) reasons to celebrate Exascale Day! While it’s fun that October 18 is 10/18 or 10.18 just like the scientific abbreviation for a quintillion, Exascale Day is so much more than a number. We registered National Exascale Day to celebrate the scientists and researchers who make breakthrough discoveries in medicine, earth sciences, energy, and more with the help of some of the fastest supercomputers in the world. We like to say that Exascale Day celebrates those who keep asking what if, why not, and what’s next — with the advanced technology to attain the answers. We — along with our friends at the Exascale Computing Project, Argonne National Lab (ANL), Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL), and Lawrence ... [ Read More ]

Survey Shows the Current State of Enterprise AI Adoption

We recently released the results of our first State of Enterprise AI Adoption Survey. The survey, designed to explore how enterprises and business professionals are progressing on their AI journeys, provides a glimpse of experiences, attitudes, and expectations for AI in the enterprise. As AI moves from idea to reality, understanding these areas of adoption is vital for many organizations — especially us here at Cray, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company. To gain an understanding, there were two questions we were particularly interested in. Do enterprises have the right infrastructure in place for a wide-range of AI workloads? Also, has AI achieved a level of acceptance — organizational and personal — where AI’s value can be ... [ Read More ]

Supercomputer Art Connects Research to Australian Roots at Pawsey

For our customers, owning a Cray supercomputer brings a lot of pride. It’s easy to understand why. They’re making incredible discoveries with them. In a lot of ways, a supercomputer becomes part of an organization’s “family.” We see it time and time again in the thought and attention our customers put into designing art for their system cabinet fronts. Pawsey Supercomputing Centre is one of these organizations. A national high-performance computing facility located in Perth, Western Australia, the Pawsey Centre supports almost 200 research projects and 1,500 researchers in solving problems as varied as ending famine to understanding the nature of the universe. Supplying the HPC power are two Cray® XC™ series supercomputers — ... [ Read More ]

Cray Announces Third Exascale Supercomputer Win

Clean sweep, three-peat, triple crown… call it what you will. At Cray we call it an immensely proud day. On August 13 we announced our third contract in six months to deliver an exascale supercomputer to the U.S. Department of Energy. That’s right. Three. Named El Capitan and slated for delivery to Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, this third system ($600 million total contract value) follows two previously announced Cray and DOE exascale supercomputers — Aurora at Argonne National Laboratory and Frontier at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The trio of sister systems will be the first exascale supercomputers in the United States. And all three will be built on the new Cray® Shasta™ architecture. When it comes online in ... [ Read More ]

Revolutionizing QC in Manufacturing Pipelines with AI


Artificial intelligence (AI) is finding its way into use cases from marketing to manufacturing. It leaves no doubt that we are in the early stages of the next industrial revolution. Given this reality, if you haven’t already started to craft an AI strategy, you will need to soon. But the good news is you’re not falling behind yet. Most organizations are just beginning their AI journey. That said, don’t wait. You need to craft a robust data strategy that leverages AI architectures to drive innovation across all business units. At SFL Scientific we’ve seen an increased demand for our data strategy, scientific advisory, and AI development and deployment services. In the manufacturing industry, we work with our clients to drive ... [ Read More ]