Supercomputing in Oil and Gas: Cray CEO Looks Forward

At the 2017 Rice Oil & Gas HPC Conference, Cray CEO Peter Ungaro provided insight into current and future realities for HPC in oil and gas.

According to Ungaro, “What got us here today will not get us where we want to be tomorrow. As we start to think about things going forward, a lot of new possibilities open up to us which weren’t really available before. It’s going to require us to think a little differently.”

“What got us here today will not get us where we want to be tomorrow.”

The O&G industry, Ungaro said, is at a transition point in HPC deployment that is characterized by:

  • A transition from a “best-price” mentality to a “best-value” mentality.
  • New survey techniques and technologies that are driving new geoscience and new workflows.
  • Deeper memory architectures that are beginning to include new storage options.
  • Planning for double- and triple-digit petaflops systems utilizing significant parallelism.

On the industry’s fast-developing survey techniques, Ungaro referenced in particular the PGS Triton survey in the Gulf of Mexico, which he said is “really starting to make us rethink how to do modeling and simulation.”

“What we’re hearing from many of you,” he continued, “is that you believe that just over the next few years, processing capabilities are going to go up about an order of magnitude – and over a 10-year period, a couple orders of magnitude.”

What will be possible, what will be required and what will change for the future of HPC in oil and gas? Watch the video for Ungaro’s complete assessment.

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