CHIUW 2017: Surveying the Chapel Landscape

CHIUW 2017 — the 4th Annual Chapel Implementers and Users Workshop — was held last month in Orlando, Fla., in conjunction with IEEE IPDPS 2017. Right out of the gate, attendees heard about a number of positive trends in the annual “state of the project” talk which summarizes Chapel progress over the past year. This year’s highlights included: Chapel performance is competitive with hand-coded C+OpenMP for single-node workloads as demonstrated by benchmarks like the Livermore Compiler Analysis Loop Suite (LCALS). For key communication benchmarks like ISx and HPCC RA, Chapel performance is increasingly competitive with the MPI/SHMEM reference versions, and occasionally beats them (see Figure 1 below). In May, Chapel became the ... [ Read More ]

Chapel: Productive Parallel Programming

Parallel computing has resulted in numerous significant advances in science and technology over the past several decades.  However, in spite of these successes, the fact remains that only a small fraction of the world’s programmers are capable of effectively using the parallel processing languages and programming models employed within HPC and mainstream computing.  Chapel is an emerging parallel language being developed at Cray Inc. with the goal of addressing this issue and making parallel programming far more productive and generally accessible. Chapel originated from the DARPA High Productivity Computing Systems (HPCS) program, which challenged vendors like Cray to improve the productivity of high-end computing systems.  Engineers at ... [ Read More ]