Video Blog: Cray Application Performance Team Poised to Get the Most from HPC Systems

Supercomputing solutions are more than the hardware they run on. It is supercomputing applications that transform ideas into reality and answer previously unanswerable questions. With a wider variety of customer sectors demanding parallel computing and other sophisticated functions, Cray is committed to finding ways to get the most value and efficiency from our systems. As part of that effort, we have a team dedicated to working closely with customers and numerous independent software vendors (ISVs). Our application performance team is devoted optimizing application solutions that help our customers make the most of their investments.

Here’s a brief look at their work.

What is the Cray Application team’s area of expertise?

Like Cray’s customers, that represent a wide range of industries, the applications performance team is staffed by engineers whose specialties include financial services, computational fluid dynamics, structural analyses, nuclear engineering and even combustion.

Why are application and ISV solutions so important?

Applications hold the key to getting the most out of the hardware: They refine the system’s operations to meet the unique demands of each project. This is especially true as core complexity increases and organizations have an opportunity to run parallel functions that are supported by specialized applications. At the same time, we also run into many situations in which customers find themselves using a new technology, gathering data in a different way or demanding more sophisticated physics from a project. We solve these issues by working with ISVs to fine-tune and enhance applications to meet new requirements brought on by innovation.

In some cases, ISVs even come to us because they see so much market potential for a specific form of optimization or enhancement.

How does Cray support ISVs?

We have the ability to use specialized tools that create a profile of system performance and identify where bottlenecks arise. This gives us the insight we need to solve performance bottlenecks and drive performance optimization. And our in-house systems can run large simulations that can provide a test environment that many ISVs cannot handle on their own.

What value comes from optimization?

Scaling performance up through application innovation can accelerate a project’s results. That in turn can quickly transform an effort that is applicable only in research settings into one that is viable as a solution in the design process.

Applications are integral in enabling innovation across the supercomputing sector, and Cray has the ability to work with ISVs to help you maximize


Jef Dawson, Applications Manager

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