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Advanced IT solutions are transforming the life sciences industry, and there are few better places to learn about how this is happening than the Bio-IT World Conference & Expo in Boston. The conference is coming up soon, and at Cray, we’re excited to highlight our computing, storage and analysis solutions. Ted Slater, senior solutions architect for life sciences at YarcData, a Cray company, will present on Wednesday, April 30, and talk about how YarcData’s Urika technology is fueling major advances.

Ted’s presentation, “Learn How YarcData’s Graph Analytics Appliance Makes It Easy to Use Big Data in Life Sciences,” is about how data-intensive research is rising in life sciences and how YarcData systems provide the functionality organizations need to make advances in the sector.

Big data and life sciences
Leaders in the life sciences field know the data sets they must deal with can be overwhelming. Big data is an everyday reality in the sector, with researchers capturing information in a wide range of areas, and at enormous scales. In many areas, such as pharmaceuticals, entire genome sequences are captured alongside other data sets to perform analysis.

Scientists cannot depend on traditional experimentation methods to perform many advanced life sciences studies. Models and simulations can replace physical experiments, but these operations create unprecedented amounts of data.

Life sciences experimentation and research depend more and more on big data, and institutions need computing systems that can keep up.

Supercomputing storage for life sciences
High-performance computing systems are only part of the equation when it comes to driving innovation in life sciences. Organizations need to be able to store data securely, make connections between disparate data sets, scale for different experiment types and unify data sets to make cohesive solutions.

The YarcData Urika graph analytics appliance provides intelligent, high-powered functionality to support big data analytics. To learn more about how this technology can help your organization in its research efforts, stop by Ted’s presentation at the Bio-IT World conference. He’ll provide more detail about how the Urika platform works and the various application types for which it’s particularly well suited.

Ted Slater, YarcData Solutions Architect 

Ted Slater

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