We Think Cray Is Cray Cool!

cray (adj.): crazy, but without that time consuming extra syllable.

Cray (n.): A Seattle, WA based manufacturer of awesomely powerful supercomputers for solving the world’s most challenging data-intensive problems!

Hot-diggity, “cray” is in the dictionary!

Thanks to this amazeballs rise of new terms due to popular culture and technology (special shout out to Jay Z and Kayne West for this one), cray is now an official term in the Oxford English dictionary and that is definitely cray cray.

We at Cray have been working on a few cray technologies that we believe have had some small effect on changing our world for the better (humblebrag). Popular “word-technology” should not be an exception to the areas in which we make breakthroughs. I can’t say it more henchly; Cray is jazzed about this whole thing!

Let me give you a couple of examples of how “cray” Cray really is.
• Cray forecasts much of the world’s weather. (Sorry, folks, it doesn’t control it, just predicts it.) Our supercomputers are used by some of the world’s leading weather centers, such as ECMWF, KMA, DWD and MeteoSwiss. That is cray.
• Cray can write files so fast you can download a binge-watch worthy season of 24 in a tenth of a second. The Cray storage system at NCSA is the fastest file system we have ever deployed. That is cray.
• Cray helps defend democracy around the world. The Department of Defense and the National Nuclear Security Administration rely heavily on Cray supercomputers in support of their important missions, as do similar organizations in countries around the world. That is cray.
• Cray can sequence 240 complete human genomes in two days. That is cray.
• Cray helps solve the world’s energy problems. The forthcoming “Cori” supercomputer at the U.S. Department of Energy’s lab at NERSC will provide users with 10 times the sustained computing capability of their current Cray system. That is cray.
• Cray is also making better ice cream! Now that is really cray.

If all this doesn’t make you spit-take, then I don’t know what will!

This is good news, because up until now Cray’s fandom was mainly with our customers, and the wider world may not have realized how cray Cray really is. Take a few minutes and excogitate on how Cray is changing our world and our vocabulary. WDYT?


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