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At Cray we pride ourselves in offering some of the most powerful and advanced  supercomputing technologies in the world through a comprehensive portfolio of high performance computing (HPC) systems, storage and Big Data solutions. We’ve been building supercomputing products for 40 years and can offer our customers consistent performance that is unparalleled from a scalability and reliability perspective.

What we stand for at Cray
These capabilities have set us apart from many supercomputing designers, but our care for our customers is among our greatest assets. Cray is focused on developing the best and most innovative systems that enable researchers in any discipline to meet existing and future simulation and analytics challenges. We can customize our storage, Big Data and HPC systems to meet just about any budget and use requirement, allowing our customers to take full advantage of the innovative solutions we offer.

What we want to do with this blog
This customer-centric approach to building supercomputers is a major part of why we are making this blog available. By openly discussing news, trends and developments in the HPC, storage and Big Data sectors, and here at Cray, we hope to develop a better relationship with all of our customers and help people interested in the industry learn more about Cray and our industry as a whole.

To do this, we want this venue to be an open and transparent place where readers can explore what is going on in the supercomputing space in a meaningful and engaging way. We will be digging deeply into industry developments, supercomputing technologies and discussions about where Cray products and ideas fit within this broad landscape.

This blog will also be a place where we explore news and industry developments that you may not stumble upon elsewhere. We want to offer you key insight into what is going in our sectors and the kinds of things that Cray is doing in response to these trends. In some cases, this may mean looking at major news from a fresh perspective. In others, it may be giving you glimpses into what we are doing at Cray. Stay tuned as this blog develops. We hope it gives you a unique opportunity to engage with the supercomputing industry in a more meaningful way.

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