What We Want to Learn at the Biggest AI Summit of the Year

What’s top of mind for AI-focused data scientists and experts right now? NeurIPS – the biggest artificial intelligence summit of the year. The 32nd annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems gets underway Dec. 2 in Montréal.

Like most organizations involved with artificial intelligence, we have a team here at Cray gearing up for the event. With that in mind I thought it would be interesting to get their before and after perspective. I asked four members of our NeurIPS-bound team a simple question: what are you looking forward to learning at the event?

Here’s what they said:

Per Nyberg, Vice President Market Development, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud

I’m most interested in learning about progress and new approaches to the application of machine learning to the physical sciences. There is tremendous opportunity in this area to help advance the state of science and one that many of our customers are exploring. I’m also excited about the prospect of speaking with practitioners and researchers in the Stradigi AI booth. Stradigi AI is a Montréal-based provider of artificial intelligence solutions and services, and our partner in moving AI from theory to practice. Finally, as a proud Montréaler, I’m excited to welcome colleagues to the city and watch Montréal’s world-class AI community shine.

Rangan Sukumar, Analytic Architect, CTO office

Learning about theoretical advances that will handle new shapes of data, new formulation of kernels that search combinatorial spaces and creative forays into explainable, ethical, bias-aware algorithms. I also want to bring back to Cray an understanding of hardware and software tricks around: accelerating challenging realistic workflows, game-theoretic reinforcement learning, and the application of machine learning to newer domains. What I’m most looking forward to is absorbing the energy, excitement and enthusiasm of passionate researchers wanting to share and contribute.

Alessandro Rigazzi, Deep Learning Research Engineer, EMEA Research Center

Discovering cutting-edge AI ideas! Being inspired about ways of solving AI problems by means of HPC knowledge … and vice versa! I want to understand the extent to which current state-of-the-art HPC infrastructures are used by deep learning scientists, and if we can we push the limits further. I also want to learn about AI techniques that can be applied to known HPC challenges. I’m looking forward to meeting other deep learning researchers, sharing new ideas and finding new collaborative paths. I’m interested in finding out about new domains experiencing the DL revolution. I’m curious about the intersection of artificial intelligence and other domains, like AI and natural or medical sciences, or AI and economics. At NeurIPS we get a glimpse into the future of artificial intelligence and know in advance what everybody will be talking about next year.

Arti Garg, Emerging Market and Technology Director

How is software and workflow automation expanding the adoption of AI beyond experts … and even beyond those with any coding experience? What does this mean for the future of AI adoption in commercial sectors? And does broad adoption increase ethical concerns about the use of AI? Speaking of ethics, how have recent revelations of the impact of AI in geopolitics informed the behavior of AI practitioners? Are there any changes in priorities for AI technology development such as more emphasis on interpretability or increased attention on how to evaluate data completeness and bias? Finally, how is the inclusive spirit embodied in the NeurIPS acronym change reflected in the diversity of attendees?

If you’d like to meet or speak with one of our AI team while at NeurIPS, stop by the Stradigi AI booth (#409). And check back here in two weeks, when I’ll share what the team took away from NeurIPS.

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