YarcData Urika Offers Unique Storage Functionality

Storage is an integral component of any high-performance computing strategy, especially as more organizations begin to explore big data analytics. Companies trying to figure out the best way to handle big data may want to take a close look at the YarcData Urika® solution, a storage model that establishes a non-partitioned storage unit with 512 terabytes of shared memory to maximize analytics capabilities. A recent blog from YarcData’s, Alyssa Jarrett, explores this functionality and explains its benefits through a few key comparisons. She also points out that  512 terabytes of unpartitioned storage equates to seven times more books than the entire catalog of the U.S. Library of Congress, 48 seconds worth of the entire internet or approximately 160,000 copies of the human genome. Learn more about what you can do with 512 terabytes over at the YarcData blog!

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