Cray EMEA Research Lab partners with leading organizations in the EMEA region to advance supercomputing research & development.

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Cray EMEA Research Lab (CERL)

The Cray EMEA Research Lab (CERL) performs research and development in strategic areas that strengthen Cray’s leadership in high-performance computing and data analytics, and which deepen Cray’s involvement in the scientific and technical communities of EMEA.

CERL is focused on collaborative R&D and codesign efforts, R&D and codesign efforts, including:

  • Software codesign
  • Experimental hardware codesign
  • In-house innovation projects
  • European-funded research programs
  • Collaborations with partners/customers and Centers of Excellence
  • Internships and student hosting

CERL research is currently focused on workflow and component optimization for HPC and analytics frameworks, machine learning and the role of new technologies such as nonvolatile memory. CERL can bring deep expertise in the more traditional HPC ecosystem along with expertise in machine learning, asynchronous tasking, data analytics and mathematical optimization.

Centres of Excellence (CoE)

CERL staff provide the expertise within the Centers of Excellence for ARCHER in Edinburgh and at KAUST in Saudi Arabia. The CoE are a forum for bespoke deep technical engagements where, for example, advanced software is designed specifically for the needs of the customer’s application base.

Codesign Projects

We are involved in a number of software/hardware codesign projects. For example, we are involved in the QPACE4 project with University of Regensburg, where we are codesigning systems for lattice QCD based around the ARMv8 architecture.

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Current projects

CERL Staff and Research Interest

Adrian Tate, Director

Tim Dykes, Research Engineer

Aniello Esposito, Research Engineer

Clément Foyer, Research Engineer, Ph.D. Student

Christoper Haine, Software Engineer

Utz-Uwe Haus, Senior Research Engineer

Alfio Lazzaro, Research Engineer

Nina Mujkanovic, Software Engineer

Harvey Richardson, Senior Research Engineer

Alessandro Rigazzi, Research Engineer

Karthee Sivalingam, Research Engineer

Irene Ferrario, EU Project Manager

Job openings / Internships

See all current Cray job openings here

Internships are available from time to time. We welcome candidates who want to join the CERL team to work on exciting new projects with leading organizations throughout EMEA. 

Are you interested in engaging with CERL and take advantage of its pool of resources and experise? Contact us at [email protected].


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