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Section 508

Cray Inc. is a manufacturer of high performance computer products, including large-scale computer systems together with associated software (the "system"), documentation and services. Available services include maintenance of installed Cray systems, software analyst services and training. The system products sold by Cray Inc. fall under the definition of Electronic Information Technology ("EIT") as defined by part 1194 of Chapter XI of title 36 of the Code of Federal Regulations.

The aforementioned regulations, promulgated by the Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board, implement section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (the "act"), as amended. This section of the Act and the regulations require that electronic and information technology acquired by federal agencies be accessible to people with disabilities.

Cray has completed its review of 36 Code of Federal Regulations Part 1194, Subparts A through D, and as a result of the review, Cray believes its products meet the requirements specified therein as detailed in the paragraphs below.

The regulations cover three major areas: the system itself (hardware and software), documentation of the products and services, and the help and support services that EIT vendors, such as Cray Inc., provide. The following summary describes Cray's compliance with the regulations referenced above:

The System

Cray Inc. systems are generally housed in a central computer room and are not directly accessed through human-machine interfaces (such as a keyboard), but rather through optical and/or electronic pathways, using standard communication protocols. The point of human-machine interface is with workstations and/or personal computers, which are used by individuals to prepare and optimize codes, which are then submitted via a standard communication protocols to be run on the Cray system.

All communications between Cray products and external workstations are in text-only messages, and in no way does Cray hardware or software interfere with the accessibility features of any of the external workstations.


Cray Inc. documentation (for products, services and access to services) is provided in an industry-standard format, either as soft copy on a compact disk (CD) or online. Any federal employee or customer (with a Cray contract) who is able to access any industry-compatible CD will have the tools necessary to access Cray documentation. Reading Cray documentation disks requires no special hardware or software that is not also required to read any other industry-standard disk. Documentation is available in ASCI format and may be printed on Braille printers or other devices designed for individuals with disabilities.

Service and Support

Cray Inc. provides a help desk, which is accessible through either text (such as email or through the Internet) or voice (telephone). By providing these two methods of access, Cray intends to provide accommodation to the communication needs of end users with disabilities. Cray Inc. is committed to improving access to Cray products and services, and welcomes any suggestions to increase accessibility of those products and services.