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Headquartered in Seattle, Washington

Cray is a global company with research and manufacturing facilities in California, Minnesota, Texas, Wisconsin and the United Kingdom and sales and service locations around the world.

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Corporate Headquarters

Cray Inc.
901 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1000
Seattle, WA 98164
Phone: 206-701-2000
Fax: 206-701-2500
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  • Inquiries

    • 1-877-CRAY-INC (1-877-272-9462) domestic, +1-651-605-8817 international

Public Relations

Juliet McGinnis, 206-701-2152 or [email protected]

Investor Relations

Paul Hiemstra, 206-701-2044 or [email protected]

Training Inquiries

Cray Inc. Registrar, [email protected]

Additional Contacts

General & Product Information: [email protected]
Cray Web Site: [email protected]