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GPU-Packed Cray CS-Storm Cluster Supercomputer Speeds Reverse Time Migration Calculations

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Cray CS-Storm Solution for Reverse Time Migration

The Cray CS-Storm solution for reverse time migration (RTM) increases geophysicists’ productivity by giving them the fastest, most efficient way to process their most complex seismic imaging workflows. 

The Safest and Easiest Path to GPUs for Seismic Processing

Taking the leap of faith to port from x86 to graphical processing unit (GPU) architectures can introduce risks, including overall system reliability, upgrade suitability and system manageability.  

Cray’s CS-Storm solution for RTM has been validated and optimized to provide peak seismic processing performance, and it includes the tools necessary for geophysicists to unlock that performance for their RTM applications. The solution includes the Cray Compiler Environment, GPU software development kits and CUDA application libraries, which simplify the move from x86 to GPU environments. And it includes tools for provisioning and performance monitoring to simplify ongoing optimization and management. 

Performance to Accelerate Seismic Exploration 

While migrating to GPU architectures can theoretically improve performance by four to 10 times for RTM applications, there are potentially many bottlenecks in getting there. The CS-Storm system solution is holistic, optimized to eliminate bottlenecks and ensure extremely high performance at every level.

The CS-Storm solution for RTM provides GPU-centric performance, with a 4:1 GPU-to-processor ratio and a proprietary I/O design that eliminates communication bottlenecks that impede the performance of other clusters. It provides GPU capacity of up to one-third petaflop per rack, leveraging the latest K80 accelerators. 

GPU architectures are well suited for RTM applications, and Cray’s CS-Storm platform for RTM gives today’s geophysicists the best tool for these critical workflows.

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GPU-Packed Cray CS-Storm Cluster Supercomputer Speeds Reverse Time Migration Calculations

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