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Cray XC Crash and Safety-Ready Supercomputer Delivers Faster Design Turns on the Most Complex Simulations

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The marketplace’s demand for safer, more efficient vehicles means leading automotive companies must run ever larger, more complex simulations. And they must run them quickly. The Cray XC solution for crash and safety simulation gives manufacturers the computational power they need to run their most advanced models in the shortest timeframes. 

Computational Power Optimized for the Automotive Industry 

We took the powerful, proven XC platform and worked with leading explicit structural analysis vendors to optimize it for the automotive industry. From its processors to its I/O and storage interfaces, every component of the Cray XC crash and safety solution has been designed to deliver faster design turns — with results in hours instead of days on actual customer models. Additionally, the adaptive, upgradable design of the XC system means you keep your TCO low, growing your system only as you need. 

Crash & Safety Simulation without Commodity Cluster Limitations

The scale and performance requirements of today’s automotive simulations are outstripping commodity cluster abilities. In fact, using commodity clusters for very large and complex simulations can lead to a point of diminished, or even reduced, returns. With the Cray XC crash and safety solution, you can: 

  • Scale to support the highest resolution models
  • Get faster iterations
  • Circumvent the cluster simulation performance “wall” 

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Cray Crash and Safety Solution: Get Faster Design Turns From More Complex Simulations

For automotive manufacturers, high fidelity crash and safety simulations are growing rapidly in size and complexity. To meet marketplace demands for more efficient, safer and higher performing automotive designs, leading companies must run larger, more complex models in shorter timeframes.

Optimizing High Fidelity Crash & Safety Simulation Performance

In impact and crash simulation, factors like increasingly complex load cases and higher fidelity simulations means companies need to continue pushing the envelope. A solution using Cray XC40 systems and Altair RADIOSS software gives engineers the power they need to improve speed and accuracy of their design analysis.

Webinar: Top Trends in Crash Simulation Practices

Industry expert Paul Du Bois discusses how manufacturing concerns can best leverage compute increases to improve automotive development practices and improve industrial reliability.

Cray Solutions for Automotive

To meet market demands for high-performing products in less time, best-in-class automotive companies must use simulation to gain insight on product behavior from the beginning of the design process