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Expanding Parallelism at Kyoto University

Cray installs new HPC supercomputer based on Intel® Xeon® Processor E5 and E7 family with large Intel® Xeon Phi™ processor cluster. Read the case study.

Theta Takes on Astronomy, Cosmology and Neuroscience

The Theta early science supercomputing system is paving the way for a new generation of ultra - high performance supercomputers. Read the case study.

Why PGS Made the Move from Clusters to Supercomputers

Faced with the most complex seismic survey ever collected, PGS took a new approach to system design... and succeeded. Read the case study.

National Nuclear Security Administration Ensures Safety and Security of U.S. Nuclear Stockpile with Cray® XC40™ “Trinity” Supercomputing Solution

The U.S. hasn’t developed a nuclear weapon since 1992. It means the nation’s nuclear stockpile is aging. And when nuclear weapons age, they can fail or act unpredictably. Read the case study.

The Pawsey Centre’s Cray® XC40™ Supercomputer “Magnus” Gives Researchers a Big Advantage in Fight Against Lung Disease

Chronic respiratory diseases interrupt the airways and other structures of the lung — and they affect hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Some 235 million individuals suffer from asthma. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) kills 3.1 million people a year. And millions more suffer from a variety of additional conditions that comprise this category of diseases. Read the case study.

HLRS’s Cray® XC40™ Supercomputer “Hornet” Dominates on Series of Extreme-Scale Simulation Projects

The High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS) put their new Cray® XC40™ supercomputer “Hornet” to the supreme test. While still in its early installation phase, HLRS invited researchers to challenge the endurance of the system. They selected six projects representing computationally demanding scientific fields including planetary research, climatology, environmental chemistry, aerospace and scientific engineering. Read the case study.

Optimizing High Fidelity Crash & Safety Simulation Performance

While impact and crash simulation software are mature technologies addressing well-understood challenges, factors like increasingly complex load cases and higher fidelity simulations means companies need to continue pushing the envelope for efficient and powerful crash/safety simulation. This paper describes a high-performance computing (HPC) solution with Cray XC40 systems and Altair RADIOSS software, tested to over 16,000 cores, that gives engineers the power they need to improve speed and accuracy of their design analysis. Read the case study.

The Pawsey Centre’s Cray® XC40™ Supercomputer “Magnus” Helps Battle Major Cause of Hunger in East Africa

Devastation sometimes comes in the tiniest packages. The silverleaf whitefly registers at barely a single millimeter. Yet an infestation of the sap-sucking insects can destroy entire crops — and livelihoods. Read the case study.