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Cyber Reconnaissance and Analytics

The Cray® Urika®-GX platform provides the engine for threat detection systems to help organizations effectively identify, understand and take action against adversaries. With Urika-GX, analysts can increase the volume of analyzed data and applying advanced analytics, so clients gain a clearer view of true risk, exposure and malicious activity.

For example, Cray and Deloitte Advisory Cyber Risk Services recently announced the first commercially available high-speed, supercomputing threat analytics service, Cyber Analytics and Reconnaissance. This subscription-based offering analyzes an organization’s vulnerability footprint from an adversary’s perspective to enable proactive detection and efficient mitigation of cyber threats.

Teaming with Cray was a clear choice and allows for versatility combined with speed to tackle big data problems.

– Gordon Hannah, cyber reconnaissance and analytics leader for Deloitte Advisory
cyber risk services and principal at Deloitte & Touche LLP

We are leveraging Deloitte Advisory's Cyber Reconnaissance service to enable large scale cyber data analytics to more proactively defend our networks and support critical national missions.

– Clayton Jones, USPACOM J6 senior advisor and strategic cyber integrator

Deloitte Cyber Reconnaissance and Analytics is powered by Urika®-GX technology, which provides the speed and power needed to increase scope of analysis, reduce false positives and improve detection accuracy.

With Urika-GX for cyber security, companies can reduce external threat analytics timeframes from months or weeks to minutes or seconds and find previously hidden threat indicators quickly enough to take action.

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Cray offers solutions that help organizations detect internal and external threats faster. Our analytics platform gives security analysts a secure, flexible and open solution that’s ready in days.

Deloitte/Cray News Release

Deloitte Advisory Cyber Risk Services and Cray Offer Advanced Cyber Reconnaissance and Analytics Services

Cray Urika-GX Agile Analytics Platform for Cybersecurity

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