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The Cray® Urika®-GX agile analytics platform and Cray® Urika®-XC analytics software suite bring big data analytics and AI to supercomputing. Cray’s analytics solutions provide engineers and analysts with the flexibility and agility they need to tackle the widest range of data and analytics projects at the speed this highly competitive marketplace demands — both today and as needs evolve.

Key Capabilities for Oil & Gas Companies

  • Run multiple types of workloads (including both HPC and high-performance data analytics) on a single system.
  • Gain breakthrough insights by combining big data workloads — from Apache® Spark™ for massive, variable data and iterative demands to Cray Graph Engine for complex graph analytics for hard-to-find production patterns.
  • Get blazing-fast results thanks to Cray's systems expertise, Aries™ interconnect, a high degree of parallelism, in-memory performance and optimized design.
  • Ensure your analytics infrastructure is built on an open framework, with standard software and integrated design, that reduces complexity and resource requirements and can evolve as new analytics technologies emerge.

Benefits for Oil & Gas Companies

  • Increased power and productivity: Moving analytics into the exploration workflow enables engineers and analysts to uncover profound insights faster and deliver results more rapidly to the field decision-making teams who need them.
  • Analytical agility: With the Urika-GX platform, businesses can easily adapt to changing data sources, business questions and analytical approaches to gain the agility so crucial in this volatile industry, supporting business growth both now and in the future.
  • Lower time to, and cost of, insight: Cray analytics solutions accelerate workflow and minimize the complexities and resource needs of implementing, operating and evolving an end-to-end analytics pipeline — so energy companies can more quickly and affordably acquire the knowledge needed to steer their businesses in the right direction.

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