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Next-Generation Reservoir Simulation

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Next-Generation Reservoir Simulation

The changing oil & gas industry landscape is driving a need for scalable, high-performance reservoir simulation. Higher-fidelity models that offer improved and often essential resolution to capture complex heterogeneity can improve recovery prediction.

Cray® CS-Storm™ Cluster and ECHELON Software

Combining the dense and efficient CS-Storm GPU platform with ECHELON, the industry's first reservoir simulator developed and optimized for GPU platforms, gives users a reservoir modeling solution with proven performance at unparalleled resolution and scale.

Unmatched Performance and Efficiency, Delivered Reliably

The combination of software and hardware has been tested extensively, with both x86 and GPU components operated at sustained rates of performance approaching maximum utilization. Unlike many GPU clusters, there was no throttling, stuttering or outages — making reservoir simulation and reservoir modeling faster and easier.

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