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Cars that drive themselves. Phones that recognize human faces. Software you can chat with. Just like the widespread adoption of computing, artificial intelligence (AI) is an inevitable innovation that will change industries and lives.

The technologies that make applied AI projects possible — big data, massive compute power, and advancements in machine learning and deep learning — are also changing the way you perform science and research on high performance computing systems.

To harness the potential of artificial intelligence, you need the right technologies — technologies that can only come from specialized experience. It makes Cray your natural choice.

For over 40 years we have been solving the most complex computing problems in science and industry. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand your artificial intelligence projects, our high-powered computing and storage systems make it easy to take on the challenges — and capture the potential — of artificial intelligence.

We know complexity.

Artificial intelligence and deep learning mimic the capabilities of the human brain, which has over 100 trillion neural connections. That’s an enormously complex task.

Behind applied artificial intelligence are complex systems supporting an entire workflow: data preparation, model development, training, testing, classification and inference. Artificial intelligence systems must be designed to provide faster and more accurate results, and capable of supporting the unique communication and computation requirements of production-level machine learning and deep learning.

Cray has been solving the most complex computing problems in science and industry for over 40 years, and artificial intelligence is no different. We deliver innovations, like our Cray Programming Environment Machine Learning Plugin, that make it easy to perform complex, distributed deep learning training at unprecedented scale.

Artificial intelligence is a journey.

From understanding and exploration to implementation and expansion, applied AI is a journey that pioneers in organizations of all types are undertaking. Cray provides the systems and expertise that uncover your shortest path to success with artificial intelligence projects, helping solve the biggest artificial intelligence problems.

  • Understanding

    We partner with industry leaders like NVIDIA and Intel to provide you with the training to master and implement deep learning. Our Cray Accel Artificial Intelligence Lab focuses on the application, incubation and advancement of supercomputing technologies in artificial intelligence. With access to Cray systems powered by Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and NVIDIA® Tesla® GPU accelerators, as well as artificial intelligence experts from Cray’s engineering teams, Cray partners and customers can learn about the latest advanced optimization techniques for deep learning frameworks.
  • Exploration

    Our Accel AI Quick Start artificial intelligence plans make it easy for organizations that are just getting started with machine learning and deep learning to quickly move from pilot to production. Accel AI configurations range from a starter system for exploration to a complete, production-level Cray cluster supercomputer for training and inference. Components include the Cray® CS-Storm™ accelerated GPU system featuring NVIDIA® Tesla® V100 GPU accelerators powered by the NVIDIA® Volta™ GPU architecture, and a comprehensive deep learning and analytics software environment from Bright Computing.
  • Implementation

    Artificial intelligence is the future, and the future is unpredictable. That’s why Cray supercomputer systems are engineered to be adaptable, customizable and scalable. You can choose from our Urika-GX™ dedicated agile analytics platform, CS-Storm GPU-accelerated cluster, or flagship XC™ series supercomputer. We provide complete hardware and software environments for machine learning and deep learning, covering all aspects of an artificial intelligence workflow for enterprise and research organizations.
  • Expansion

    As organizations face an expanding number of artificial intelligence projects, the demands on systems supporting machine learning and deep learning — which is becoming a core IT function — are growing as well. Cray delivers computing and data storage systems that can adapt and grow with that increasing demand.

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