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Cray View for ClusterStor Storage System Monitoring Application

The Cray® View for ClusterStor™ storage system monitoring application enables customers to correlate performance of ClusterStor storage systems to jobs running on Cray XC series supercomputers. Cray View for ClusterStor technology provides visualization of performance data for overall storage systems and individual jobs, including throughput and metadata activity. Users can define, detect, and be alerted about poorly performing jobs that may be aggressively using system resources impacting other running jobs.

Features of Cray View for ClusterStor include:

  • Job Runtime Variability: Real-time and historical views of data to understand what is impacting a user’s jobs
  • Event Correlation: A unified view of system activity provides administrators with the ability to correlate performance impacting events
  • Trend Analysis: Data-driven analysis and visualization from historical data can help identify trends that can then be used to shape changes to the system
  • Alerting: Threshold engine enables customized alerts based on any metric

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