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Altair’s PBS Works is the trusted leader in HPC workload management. Proven for over 25 years at thousands of sites, the suite’s flagship PBS Professional delivers powerful policy-based scheduling and management capabilities to handle the most complex user requirements. PBS Professional was rebuilt at version 11.0 specifically for Cray users, providing unparalleled levels of functionality to maximize performance and utilization. With additional web portals for submission, analytics and remote visualization — as well as industry-leading services and support — PBS Works offers a comprehensive solution for improving ROI on HPC investments.

Altair knows HPC: Only Altair produces both HPC infrastructure software and end-user applications, and employs more than 700 consultants working with clients every day. For 28 years Altair has delivered market-leading solutions to more than 5,000 customers in a range of industries. Altair operates 48 offices with over 2,000 employees in 20 countries worldwide.

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PBS Professional

A workload manager and job scheduler for high-performance computing (HPC) environments, used to improve productivity, optimize resource utilization and efficiency, and simplify the process of cluster workload management. Proven for over 20 years at thousands of sites, PBS is one of the most widely used workload mangers, capable of meeting very complex requirements from environments of any scale.


Leading computational fluid dynamics (CFD) flow solver with superior robustness, speed, and accuracy. Applications range from steady RANS simulations to complex, transient, multiphysics simulations.

Cray-Altair Solutions for:
Improving the Design of Subsea Riser Systems
Manufacturing: Powering Virtual Wind Tunnel Simulations
Manufacturing (webinar):  Pushing the Performance Limit of Virtual Wind Tunnels


A market-leading finite element preprocessor that prepares even the largest models, starting from import of CAD geometry to exporting an analysis run for various disciplines. HyperMesh offers the biggest variety of solid meshing capabilities in the market, including domain-specific methods such as SPH, NVH or CFD meshing, with broad interfaces to commercial CAD/CAE systems.

An award-winning structural analysis solver for linear and nonlinear structural problems under static and dynamic loadings. Based on finite-element and multibody dynamics technology, and using advanced analysis and optimization algorithms, OptiStruct helps designers and engineers rapidly develop innovative, lightweight and structurally efficient designs.


A finite element structural analysis solver for linear and nonlinear analysis including highly nonlinear problems under dynamic loadings. For over 20 years, RADIOSS has been a leader and an industry standard in automotive crash and impact analysis. It is used across multiple industries to improve the crashworthiness, safety and manufacturability of structural designs. RADIOSS enables multiphysics simulation and accommodates advanced materials.


FEKO is a comprehensive electromagnetic simulation software tool based on state-of-the-art computational electromagnetic (EM) techniques, allowing users to solve a wide range of electromagnetic problems. In particular, FEKO’s unique combination of multilevel fast multipole method and high-frequency techniques allow the efficient analysis of a wide range of EM problems in realistic operating environments.