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Mark III Systems

Mark III Systems and its digital development arm, BlueChasm, work closely with Cray to help joint clients design and implement digital tech stacks, primarily focused around analytics and AI.

Mark III Systems is a long-time industry-leading IT solutions provider delivering IT infrastructure, software, services, cloud, digital and cognitive solutions to enterprises, institutions and service provider clients across North America. With a diverse team of developers, DevOps engineers, enterprise architects and systems engineers, Mark III’s areas of expertise include IT infrastructure, datacenter, HPC, data analytics, security, DevOps, IoT, AI, cognitive and cloud. Whether it be optimizing the performance and resiliency of an existing business-critical tech stack or building a next-generation digital stack for data analytics, AI, IoT or mobile use cases, Mark III’s “full stack” approach helps clients stand out and win in the era of digital transformation.

We’re very excited to be partnering with Cray to deliver unique platforms and data-driven solutions to our joint clients, especially around the key opportunities of data analytics, artificial intelligence, cognitive compute, and deep learning. Combined with Mark III’s full stack approach of helping clients capitalize on the big data and digital transformation opportunities, we think that this partnership offers enterprises and organizations the ability to differentiate and win in the marketplace in the digital era.

—Chris Bogan, director of business development and alliances at Mark III Systems

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