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Vanguard Infrastructures

Vanguard Infrastructures, together with Cray, provides a world-class cloud infrastructure focused on paradigm-shifting security and graph analytics.

Vanguard offers both on-premise and cloud solutions and uses billions of data points and behavioral mannerisms of both human and machine with outbound traffic to combat cyber and insider threats. Vanguard’s supercomputing-as-a-service security applications are purpose-built to detect exploitation and unauthorized data exfiltration. Initial client applications include security graph analytics, several types of real-time modeling for research, and investigations for fraud and theft detection. Vanguard’s HyperGate video technology offers state-of-the-art encryption and advanced compression of high definition video.

Vanguard is honored to work with Cray to enrich the Urika-GX and utilize its large-scale processing capabilities to solve mission-critical security threats across industry verticals. The Urika-GX platform powers Vanguard’s intelligence to not only detect, but also mitigate, data exfiltration attempts. In addition, the Cray Graph Engine rapidly and intuitively offers visualization of networks, threats and interdiction activity in near real-time.

—Vijay Richard, executive vice president, Vanguard Infrastructures

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