Cray CS500 Cluster Supercomputer

It's not just a cluster. It's a Cray cluster.

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Cray® CS500™ Cluster Supercomputer

The CS500™ system is designed to offer the widest possible choice of configurations. Offering highly scalable and modular compute and service platforms, it is based on the latest x86 processing and accelerator technologies from Intel and NVIDIA. Industry-standard server nodes and components have been optimized for high performance computing (HPC) and tightly integrated with a comprehensive HPC software stack, creating a unified system that excels at capacity and data-intensive workloads.

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Overview: Cray CS500 Cluster Supercomputer

It's not just a cluster. It's a Cray cluster.


Flexible, Scalable Configurations

Rackmount platforms for easy configuration and scaling on node and whole-system levels

x86 Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors

Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessors or NVIDIA® Tesla® GPU accelerators

Local hard drives in each server

Multiple interconnect options: single/dual rail, EDR/FDR InfiniBand®, 1 and 10 GbE Ethernet for management

Choice of Cray® Sonexion® Lustre®-based parallel file storage systems, and local or network-attached file systems

Comprehensive, Easy Manageability

Customizable HPC cluster software stack

  • Compatible with most compilers, debuggers, schedulers and libraries
  • Integrated and tested
  • Available with the Cray Programming Environment, Cray Scientific and Math Libraries, and Cray Performance Measurement and Analysis Tools
  • Bright Cluster Manager for HPC (option for system management)

Built-in Efficiency and Reliability

High-efficiency load balancing power supplies

Multiple levels of redundancy and fault tolerance

Redundant power, management subsystems and networks with failover capabilities

Critical components easily accessible and hot swappable

Option for liquid cooling rack rear door heat exchangers and chillers for more energy savings