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Partnership Brings A64FX ARM-based processor to Cray CS500

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High-Performance Technologies for the Exascale Era

Data growth, digital transformation, and converging workloads — the hallmarks of the Exascale Era — have transformed the questions science and research are asking. Cray and Fujitsu are transforming the technology available to answer them.

We’re offering the first-ever commercial supercomputer powered by the Fujitsu A64FX Arm-based processor — the first CPU to deliver both high-memory bandwidth and Arm Scalable Vector Extensions.

Combined with the readily scalable and customizable Cray CS500 supercomputer architecture and programming environment, the resulting system delivers both the compute power for a wide range of HPC and AI workloads and the advantages of Arm-based systems — high parallelization, low power consumption, and high reliability.

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Our partnership with Fujitsu means customers now have a broader choice of processor technology to address their pressing computational needs. We are delivering the development-to-deployment experience customers have come to expect from Cray, including exploratory development to the Cray Programming Environment (CPE) for Arm processors to optimize performance and scalability with additional support for Scalable Vector Extensions and high bandwidth memory.

—Fred Kohout, Sr. Vice President and CMO at Cray, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company

Fujitsu A64FX Arm CPU

The Fujitsu A64FX processor is the first to deliver high-bandwidth memory (HBM) and Arm Scalable Vector Extensions (SVE). HBM2 provides significantly faster transfer speeds than DDR4, giving the A64FX a maximum theoretical memory bandwidth greater than 1 TB/s. Support for Arm SVE provides improved performance for artificial intelligence and analytics.

Cray CS500 Cluster Supercomputer

Extending the boundaries of what you can achieve takes reliable computing tools matched to your workloads. That’s why the CS500 system is customizable, easy to manage, and based on industry standards. It can handle the broadest range of modeling, simulation, analytics, and artificial intelligence workloads. And it’s configured to meet your needs.

Optimized components are integrated into a powerful high-performance compute environment that can scale to over 11,000 nodes and 60+ peak petaflops. Flexible node configurations feature the latest processors and interconnect technology. Expertly engineered software simplifies system administration and maintenance.

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