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Supercomputing Performance, Cloud Ease

The problems science needs to solve today are as different as aircraft design and earthquake prediction. But one similarity binds these endeavors together — the technology it will take to solve them.

Regardless of industry or organization, massive data growth and digital transformation are changing how everyone approaches the business of discovery. In the race to insight, advanced modeling and simulation workloads are converging with analytics and artificial intelligence. These data-intensive, extreme scale demands are pushing the limits of current hardware and software infrastructures and driving us into the exascale era of computing.

To succeed today, you need the unique capabilities of both supercomputing and the cloud. But you need them to work together. The Cray, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, software platform for the Shasta supercomputing architecture combines the performance and scalability of supercomputing with the extensibility and ease of cloud computing.

For you, it means you have the tools to create your next generation of applications… and push the limits of what’s possible.

Read the announcement for details on the new Cray software platform.

With our new software platform, Cray is delivering a fully featured, extensible software and tools environment that performs like a supercomputer and runs like a cloud.”

—Peter Ungaro, Cray CEO

Value Starts at Any Scale

Exascale is more than a number. It represents a shift in the kind of questions the world is asking, the kind of workloads those questions require, and the kind of technology it will take to answer them. That’s why exascale is a technology inflection point. It has prompted a complete rethinking of the datacenter and marks a new era of compute.

Two accelerating trends bring us to today — massive data growth and digital transformation. What makes these forces unique is that they’re affecting organizations of all sizes and types. To maximize value and meet their missions, private enterprises and national labs alike need to run data-intensive, converged workloads. It’s why the exascale capabilities required to run these combined modeling, simulation, analytics, and AI workloads are just as relevant for a single cabinet of compute in the enterprise datacenter as they are for hundreds of cabinets in a large research lab.

Cray has a rich history of developing the most performant, scalable and reliable software in supercomputing. For software, the challenges of this new era of computing require a blend of supercomputing performance and scale and cloud flexibility, modularity, and user productivity.

The Cray software platform includes a comprehensive suite of capabilities to easily administer the system and develop and reliably run the most demanding codes and applications at extreme scale. Cray’s new software platform builds on our pure play supercomputing software by including key new capabilities. You’ll find:

  • Kubernetes container orchestration to enable converged HPC and AI workflows
  • Support for multi-tenancy between AI and HPC partitions
  • Highly resilient containerized services with separate compute and management planes
  • Standardized and supported APIs for extensibility and interoperability
  • Integrated telemetry to quickly correlate and remediate issues

Exascale-Capable Software Addresses Requirements of Every Group

IT Administrators

Management, monitoring, and datacenter interoperability

Employ a unified systems management and telemetry framework to ensure production reliability and high system availability. Documented APIs and industry standard protocols ensure broad datacenter systems and software interoperability.


Converged workflows and code portability

Use modern microservices and a robust suite of tools to easily compose converged modeling, simulation, analytics, and AI workflows. Move applications easily from laptop to supercomputer with minimal refactoring for maximum code scalability.

CxO/BU Owners

Investment protection, flexible growth, and scalability

Benefit from a multi-user and multipurpose platform with support for heterogeneous processor architectures.

Meet your growing AI and analytics initiatives with tools that scale to any size deployment.

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