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The Next Era of Supercomputing

Today’s scientific research, technology, and big data questions are bigger, more complex, and more urgent than ever. Answering them demands an entirely new approach to scientific computing.

Meet the next era of supercomputing. Our Shasta compute architecture is our most significant technology advancement in decades. With it, we’re introducing revolutionary computing capabilities that will power discovery and innovation across every industry and field of research for years to come

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We've been helping visionaries like you solve the most complex computing problems for over four decades.

Supercomputing Redesigned

Increasingly, high-performance computing systems today need to be able to handle massive converged modeling, simulation, AI and analytics workloads. With these needs driving scientific discovery and technology, the next generation of supercomputing will be characterized by the fastest exascale performance, data-centric workloads and diversification of processor architectures.

Shasta is an entirely new design, created from the ground up to address these needs. Built to be data-centric, it runs the fastest and most diverse workloads all at the same time. Hardware and software innovations tackle system bottlenecks in processing, data movement and I/O. It eliminates the distinction between clusters and supercomputers, providing a rich software and system interconnect in different form factors. It allows for multiple processor and accelerator architectures and a choice of system interconnect technologies, including our new Cray, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, designed and developed interconnect we call Slingshot.

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Slingshot™ is our new high-speed, purpose-built supercomputing interconnect. It’s our eighth generation of scalable HPC network.

It features Ethernet capability, advanced adaptive routing, first-of-a-kind congestion control, and sophisticated quality-of-service capabilities. Support for both IP-routed and remote memory operations broadens the range of applications beyond traditional modeling and simulation. Quality-of-service and novel congestion management features limit the impact to critical workloads from other applications, system services, I/O traffic or co-tenant workloads. Reduction in the network diameter from five hops (in the current Cray® XC™ generation) to three, reduces cost latency and power while improving sustained bandwidth and reliability.

Learn more about our Slingshot Interconnect technology

From What If to What’s Next

Since its beginning in 1972, Cray has been combining computation and creativity to push the boundaries in our industry and help our customers do the same in theirs. Cray supercomputer systems consistently lead in performance and efficient scaling. Shasta continues this leadership into much larger compute capabilities, up to exascale and beyond, supporting all fields of extreme-scale science, innovation and discovery.

The exascale ripple effect

Hyperion Research analysts believe that many of the technology innovations needed to sustain exascale peak performance on real-world applications will benefit HPC users of nearly all sizes, types and industries, including the growing number of commercial firms moving up to HPC for data analysis and artificial intelligence. Find out more in this white paper, “Architectural Innovation for the Exascale Era.”

Download the Hyperion white paper

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