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Power to Push Boundaries

Cray® XC™ series supercomputers turn boundaries into guideposts. Guideposts that lead you from one question to the next to the next. XC systems remove barriers to discovery because they’re designed for it. With an architecture and software environment that delivers extreme scalability and sustained performance, XC supercomputers can handle the most challenging simulation, analytics, scientific computing, and AI workloads.

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We've been helping visionaries like you solve the most complex computing problems for over four decades.

The Cray® supercomputer has a peak system performance of 500 PF and 1 PF in a single cabinet. It supports the latest CPU and GPU processors — Cavium ThunderX2® processors, NVIDIA® Tesla® P100 PCIe GPUs and Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors — coupled with the Aries™ network and Cray’s HPC-optimized software stack including the Cray Linux® Environment and Cray Programing Environment.

The Cray® XC50-AC™ air-cooled supercomputer is ideal for dedicated test, development, AI and analytics use cases. It supports NVIDIA Tesla P100 PCIe GPUs, Intel Xeon Scalable processors and Arm®-based processors and delivers up to 236 TF peak performance in a 24” cabinet with no requirement for liquid cooling or extra blower cabinets.

The Cray® XC40™ system offers the combined advantages of the Aries interconnect and Dragonfly network topology, Intel Xeon Scalable processors, delivering up to 100 PF sustained system performance. It’s designed for production supercomputing and user productivity.

Cray XC Series Software Environment

Driving Maximum Program Performance, System Uptime and Big Data Analytics

Programming Productivity and Performance

We take a broad approach to our XC series environment, with a package of HPC-optimized programming tools, Linux OS and a scalable analytics suite.

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Maximizing Uptime with System Management

Cray provides a broad variety of utilities and support, optimizing production HPC environment reliability to get the most workload production out of your system.

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Analytics and AI at the Speed of Supercomputing

With no need to purchase purpose-built solutions, the Cray® Urika®-XC software suite enables customers to get more value from their investment.

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Drive your data at warp speed.

HPC users need a balanced and cohesive system architecture from compute to storage. The Cray® DataWarp™ applications I/O accelerator delivers it with an innovative cache tier featuring SSD and in-memory flash that allocates storage dynamically in either private (dedicated) or shared modes.

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Extreme Scalability and Sustained Performance

Cray regularly runs the biggest jobs on the largest numbers of nodes in the HPC industry. How? With hardware, networking and software that scale across a broad performance spectrum to deliver sustained, real-world production performance.

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