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HPC challenges demand more from storage today. They demand more performance, more capacity … and more dollars. They demand more than legacy storage technologies and HPC budgets can deliver.
Cray® ClusterStor® HPC storage meets these demands with the industry’s highest-performing and most efficient data storage technologies at the lowest overall TCO. ClusterStor parallel file systems balance the value equation by delivering the exact performance, speed, scalability, data protection, and availability your requirements and budget demand.

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Three Solutions, Zero Challenges

The ClusterStor L300 storage system is an all-HDD Lustre solution. It achieves performance requirements with the lowest number of HDDs, enclosures and racks by maximizing the performance of each storage device. The use of all HDDs makes it well suited for environments using a few applications with large, sequential I/O workloads.

The Cray ClusterStor L300N storage system is a hybrid SSD/HDD solution with flash-accelerated NXD software that redirects I/O to the appropriate storage medium. It delivers cost-effective, consistent performance on mixed I/O workloads while shielding the application, file system and users from complexity through transparent flash acceleration.

The ClusterStor L300F scalable storage unit provides the opportunity to add flash storage pool creating a truly hybrid system. The L300F overcomes the remaining IOPS bottleneck for Lustre® ― the latency experienced by rotating media. Unlike other flash solutions, the ClusterStor Lustre-based L300F requires no specialized training, tuning, or benchmarking. Lustre users with high IOPS needs can dramatically reduce the run time of their applications resulting in more iterations and faster time to insights.

HPC Storage Comes to the Cloud

Cray and Microsoft have partnered to bring unique unprecedented high-performance computing capabilities to the cloud. Our storage offering ― Cray ClusterStor in Azure ― offers a Lustre-based, single tenant, bare metal, and fully managed HPC storage environment in Microsoft Azure. This scalable, competitively priced solution provides more than 3 times the throughput in GB/s per Lustre® object storage servers than the currently available Lustre offer.

Available in any size configuration, ClusterStor in Azure delivers the exact performance, speed, scalability, data protection, and availability you need. Use it with a Cray® XC™ or CS™ series supercomputer or HPC jobs executed on H-series virtual machines from Azure. With ClusterStor in Azure you have the flexibility to store your data from high-performance scratch to warm blob storage and cold archive storage. Best of all, you don’t have to move data in order to access it from multiple computers.

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