ClusterStor E1000

HPC & AI Storage Platform for the Exascale Era

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New Storage for a New Era

With this solution we’ve completely rethought and rearchitected storage to address the extreme data growth and converged workloads of the exascale era — on one machine.

Superior performance accelerates discovery and insights. Intelligent orchestration of the data flow with the workflow combined with intelligent hardware design means you meet your storage requirements with significantly fewer storage drives. And nearly endless scalability and flexibility protects your investment and sets you up for wherever you need to go.

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We've been helping visionaries like you solve the most complex computing problems for over four decades.

Legacy petascale era storage systems cannot effectively and efficiently manage the converged workloads of the Exascale Era. They were designed to either run modeling and simulation or AI deep learning workloads — not both.

ClusterStor E1000 is purpose-engineered to provide a new way to cost-effectively solve those storage challenges.

Storage technology that worked for petascale era workloads cannot power the Exascale Era’s converged workflows. Data growth far exceeds price/ performance improvements in existing media storage technologies. As a result, sticking with your current storage infrastructure will leave you unable to keep up — both in terms of performance and budget.

Solving I/O bottlenecks while also getting the most out of your systems budget requires taking a new approach to high-performance storage. The Cray® ClusterStor®E1000 parallel storage platform is the answer. Completely rethought for the Exascale Era, the ClusterStor E1000 solution gives you the optimal balance of storage performance, efficiency, and scalability to meet your current and future needs.

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The right data at the right time for the right job

This is the core of ClusterStor E1000's storage intelligence enabling orchestration of the data flow with the workflow. Scripted, scheduler- or policy-driven placement of the data dramatically accelerates the workflow to overcome data movement challenges in the exascale era.

Cray® View for ClusterStor™

The Cray View for ClusterStor storage system monitoring application enables customers to correlate performance of ClusterStor big data storage systems to jobs running on Cray XC series supercomputers.

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ClusterStor L300

The ClusterStor L300 storage system is an all-HDD Lustre solution. It achieves performance requirements with the lowest number of HDDs, enclosures and racks by maximizing the performance of each storage device. The use of all HDDs makes it well suited for environments using a few applications with large, sequential I/O workloads.

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