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Cray® View for ClusterStor™ 

HPC Storage System Monitoring Application

Slow and inefficient job performance, lost productivity, too much time searching for answers with cumbersome diagnostic tools and logs, and not enough time for analysis — these are the challenges administrators face every day when trying to understand and diagnose storage performance problems. Adding to the frustration is a lack of visibility into what applications are doing to the system, which makes optimization all but impossible without specialized tools. What administrators — and ultimately users — need are quick ways to isolate performance problems and visibility into what applications are doing all the time.

Cray® View for ClusterStor™ was designed to address these challenges. As the industry’s first complete Lustre® storage performance analysis application, Cray View for ClusterStor enables administrators to get the insight they need to maximize their resources, optimize system throughput, and provide users with the best results and experience. With Cray View for ClusterStor, you have all the information at your fingertips, from a single view, to identify storage performance issues whether they’re from application inefficiencies, a busy system, or another systemic issue that impacts applications. With always-on metrics, Cray View for ClusterStor moves these problems from the realm of black magic to practical application. After all, if you can’t measure it you can’t improve it.

Cray View for ClusterStor includes:

  • Job Runtime Variability: Real-time and historical views of data to help you understand what is impacting user jobs
  • Event Correlation: A unified view of the system, providing administrators with the ability to correlate systemic events that impact performance
  • Trend Analysis: Data-driven analysis and visualization from historical data can help identify trends that can then be used to shape changes to the system
  • Alerting: Threshold engine enables customized alerts based on any metric

The easy-to-use View for ClusterStor interface and visualization capabilities provide always-on insight into what applications are doing, without impacting performance. With detailed visibility into how resources are utilized by applications, administrators are finally enabled to make impactful optimizations.

The result? Faster time to resolution, improved productivity, elimination of bottlenecks, and better overall performance. Watch the demo below.