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ClusterStor™ storage systems
have a new home – at Cray!

ClusterStor systems have made quite a stir in the industry and we’re so excited to have the brand as part of our portfolio.

Fred Kohout, Sr. VP Products & CMO welcomes ClusterStor community

Best of all, the ClusterStor team now blends its expertise with Cray’s 40 years of HPC leadership to offer purpose-engineered HPC storage systems designed, manufactured and supported by one company. Our team is committed to bringing you the highest quality options for all of your compute, store and analyze needs.

Our goal has been to maintain continuity for ClusterStor customers and partners/resellers as well as demonstrate Cray is the best home for ClusterStor. We encourage you to explore the resources we’ve provided here, sign up for our webinars and reach out to us directly with any questions.

The Lustre-based ClusterStor storage solutions enhance Cray's portfolio to provide its customers end-to-end solutions. As data sprawl continues, customers can leverage ClusterStor storage solutions to gain insights through machine learning and artificial intelligence across many industries.

Amita Potnis
Research Manager
File- and Object-based Storage
IDC, Inc.

Storage is the fastest-growing part of the expanding HPC market and Cray is positioned to be an even more important player in the storage market. As a pioneer in providing large-scale storage systems for supercomputers, it’s fitting that Cray will take over the ClusterStor line.

Steve Conway
Senior Vice President of Research
Hyperion Research

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SEATTLE, Sept. 25, 2017 -- Global supercomputer leader Cray Inc. today announced it has completed the previously announced transaction and strategic partnership with Seagate centered around the addition of the ClusterStor high-performance storage business.

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A flash-based storage tier between the compute cluster and a slower disk-based storage tier can provide a faster storage resource to the supercomputer.

The Cray ClusterStor Difference: Better Quality, Better Design, Better ROI

Cray ClusterStor storage systems balance the value equation by providing enterprise-level performance with more capacity, fewer drives, less IT support required, and more access to data — all of which leads to the lowest TCO.

Cray ClusterStor L300 Storage System

Engineered to meet productivity-critical HPC data storage requirements, the Cray® ClusterStor™ L300 storage system provides unmatched performance, efficiency, reliability and support for the Lustre® file system user community.

Cray ClusterStor L300N Storage System

Available for the Lustre environment, the L300N is the newest ClusterStor innovation to best manage performance across unpredictable workloads. Our new NXD Flash Accelerator software handles mixed I/Os (random, unaligned, small blocks, etc.) making it the most flexible system to handle any workload, anytime.

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