Azure Cloud White Paper

Azure Provides Smooth On-Ramp to Cray Computing

Your own supercomputer — in the cloud

Implementing high-performance computing can be a challenge, but Cray and Microsoft make it easy — and you get Cray supercomputing in the Microsoft Azure cloud. HPC is no longer out of reach for organizations that can’t or don’t want to maintain their own datacenters.

This convergence of supercomputing capabilities and the benefits of cloud management enables disruptive innovation for new categories of companies. It alleviates the management burden and reduces barriers of entry to HPC.

Find out more in this 8-page Intersect360 Research white paper, “Azure Provides Smooth On-Ramp to Cray Computing.”

The paper covers:

Market dynamics

Cray in Azure

Research analytics

Intersect360 examines:

  • Differentiated capabilities
  • Managing Cray in Azure
  • Expanding high-performance workloads
  • Notable growth industries

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