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CIOs Exploit High Performance Computing to Boost Productivity and Competitiveness

To keep pace in an increasingly data-driven economy, more companies are turning to HPC

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Your business operations are complex. Today, more and more of your operations are pushing your computing needs into the HPC space. Take data analysis. Where once you could do firmwide analyses once a month, you now often need to do them multiple times a day.

Scientific computing and business computing are converging. Because competitive forces demand it.

The scramble for more compute productivity and sophistication has given rise to a market demand for a scalable HPC system that can run heterogeneous range of workloads, both on premises and in the cloud. The Cray Shasta supercomputer matches this wish list.

Read this analyst paper from Hyperion Research to learn about:

How HPC is replacing
the enterprise server

Real-world examples
of HPC deployments

How Cray’s innovation
defines the segment

But don’t just listen to us. Read the Hyperion paper about this new era of enterprise computing and how the Shasta system fits.

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