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CIOs Exploit High Performance Computing to Boost Productivity and Competitiveness

To keep pace in an increasingly data-driven economy, more companies are turning to HPC

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As the volume and variety of data increases, and the cost for a supercomputer decreases, more CIOs are looking to high performance computers to give them a competitive advantage.

Whereas once only governments, well-funded research facilities, or the very top of the Fortune 500 could afford — or needed, for that matter — an HPC server, today you’ll find ROI-friendly HPC servers running the day-to-day operations, data centers, cyber security, and the extremely heterogeneous workflows that are common for businesses today.

Read this analyst paper from Hyperion Research to learn about:

How HPC is replacing
the enterprise server

Real-world examples
of HPC deployments

How Cray’s innovation
defines the segment

Cray was the very first company to sell a supercomputer into the private sector, back in 1979. We’ve been doing this longer than any other company, and our experience partnering with organizations of all sizes, across a broad spectrum of industries can be leveraged to ensure your HPC server fits your needs today, is scalable for tomorrow, and all within budget.

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