Case Study

Cray Gives HAAS F1 a Critical Performance Boost

When you only have two weeks to revamp how your racecar handles airflow, every second counts

What if you had to redesign your car every two weeks?

That was the challenge the Haas F1 racing team faced. The race car’s core design doesn’t change from race to race, but how it manages crucial airflow is altered to accommodate different track layouts and expected conditions. Every two weeks.

That means wind tunnel testing and computational fluid dynamics simulations to predict aerodynamics and drag coefficients, all within the guidelines set by the FIA, F1’s governing body.

Read our case study to learn more about how Cray delivered:

Installation to production
in two weeks

Simplified workflow for aerodynamicists

45% reduction in
FIA-restricted core hours

Cray sold the very first supercomputer into the private sector, back in 1979. Cray’s extensive experience with organizations of nearly every size, across nearly every industry, means that we’re the natural choice for companies facing huge data challenges.

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