On-Demand Cloud Computing Webinar

Unlock Your Ability to Innovate with Supercomputing in the Cloud

From the leaders in supercomputing and cloud

Cray and Microsoft have teamed up to bring the power of supercomputing to the Azure cloud. Find out more in this on-demand webinar, where you’ll hear about how to run highly scalable workloads in the cloud, speeding up discovery and generating new insights

The webinar is hosted by Girish Bhatia, Cray’s director of cloud strategy, and Christophe Herrbach, principal program manager for the Microsoft Azure Big Compute team.

You’ll learn about:

How supercomputer
scalability and
performance can help
you innovate faster

Why co-locating a Cray
system in Azure gives
you the lowest TCO for
HPC workloads

The right architecture
to scale your modeling,
simulation and AI
workloads in Azure

Watch to find out how these factors and more can help you fully realize your computing investments to enable long-term business and technical strategies.

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