Solving I/O Challenges Ebook

A Guide to Solving I/O and Mixed Workload Challenges

Storage isn't an all-or-nothing choice.

Step one to solving your I/O and mixed workload storage challenge is understanding exactly what you’re up against. Regardless of your field of research or the nature of your organization, if you’re using high-performance computing then you need high-performance storage. Storage matters. A lot.

But data — and the demands it puts on HPC and storage — is changing. Capacity requirements are growing exponentially. So what storage technologies will meet rising performance and cost demands? All flash? All HDD? Or is there a middle road that makes sense?

This ebook, “A Guide to Solving I/O and Mixed Workload Challenges,” walks you through your options, weighs their pros and cons, and charts a course forward.

Download the ebook to learn about:

Understanding the challenge

The performance paradox

Cray’s NXD I/O manager

This guide will help you weigh the costs and benefits of:

  • Flash storage
  • HDD storage
  • A hybrid approach

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