Big Data Analytics White Paper

Achieving Agility and Flexibility in Big Data Analytics with the Urika-GX Platform

The Urika-GX agile analytics platform enables data-driven companies to improve operational efficiency and swiftly respond to changing needs.

The Urika-GX platform delivers the power of Cray’s proven supercomputer hardware and comes pre-installed with a variety of open-source big data analytics tools such as Apache Hadoop® and Apache Spark™ and productivity tools such as Jupyter Notebooks. It also supports HPC applications running under Apache Mesos™.

Additionally, the Urika-GX platform:

Allows easy scalability
for new applications

Enables creation of
complex data pipelines

Features the
Cray-developed Aries™
high-speed network

This white paper details the Urika system’s software architecture and explains how that architecture makes it an agile analytics platform.


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