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Automating QC through Computer Vision and Deep Learning

Avoid the costly domino effect of defective products and processes

In high-speed manufacturing, manual inspection is not only a major cost, but a major point of failure. Identifying a defect or system fault post production causes needless waste. And if a defective product makes it to market, then you’re faced with the domino effect of returns, warranty claims, recalls, and loss of consumer confidence.

There is a better way.

Join Mike Segala, CEO and co-founder of SFL Scientific, and Chris Hegarty, Cray AI enterprise development lead, as they demonstrate how recent innovations in artificial intelligence and deep learning can be integrated into the manufacturing workflow to identify defects closer to the point of origin and in real time.


How to strategize your workflow to drive improvements in quality assurance

How to train and scale deep learning for real-time video and image analysis

How to implement scalable architectures for a programmatic approach to AI

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