The Case for High-Performance Storage

How the Right Storage Saves Your Budget and Your Computer System’s Performance

HPC storage is not enterprise storage. It’s a distinct category and uniquely tracked by industry analysts. Why? Because HPC has unique storage performance needs.

HPC storage performance is designed exclusively for the compute cluster. When it’s not, the storage system can fail on multiple fronts. It can fail to keep pace with I/O demands, fail to stay within the project budget, and compromise overall quality of service.

This white paper, “The Case for High-Performance Storage,” shows you what HPC storage is — and what it isn’t — and how you can get the best price/performance for your investment.

Download the ebook to learn about:

What an HPC storage
solution looks like

Typical types of HPC
storage problems

The similarities
between AI & HPC

You'll also find out:

  • How an HPC storage problem is different from other types of storage problems
  • The difference in availability between HPC storage and other storage types
  • Where to get independent perspectives on HPC storage

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