Cray and AMD
CFD On-Demand Webinar

With CFD Applications, Cutting Corners Costs You

Cray and AMD EPYC maximize workload performance.

When the goal of a CFD simulation is sometimes just a 1 percent increase in efficiency, trade-offs like lower-resolution CFD simulations or fewer design iterations mean potentially overlooking solutions. And falling behind means getting beaten to market by your competition.

Join Brandon Draeger, senior director of product management for Cray, and Andy Parma, AMD’s HPC segment manager, for a webinar entitled, “Maximize the Performance of your CFD Workloads with Cray and AMD EPYC,” where we’ll discuss:

Cray’s focus on complete HPC systems for mission-critical environments

How Cray has tuned its programming environment for AMD EPYC processors

How Cray and AMD can help improve the accuracy of your simulations in less time

Watch the webinar to learn how you can leverage Cray’s decades of expertise in HPC to maximize the performance of your CFD workloads.

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