Cryo-EM White Paper

Meet the Challenges of Implementing Cryo-EM Technology

And give your researchers timely access to mission-critical data

If you were spending upwards of $2.6 billion and 12 years on a product that would ultimately fail, wouldn’t you rather know sooner than later? Cut your losses after year 3 and refocus your resources on the next promising idea?

That’s the position in which pharmaceutical companies find themselves. In fact, it’s their business model. The resources needed to take a drug treatment from concept to reality are extraordinary. And if a treatment is not going to work, the researchers need to know. Now.

To learn more about meeting the promises of cryo-EM, download our free white paper. You’ll gain insights on:

A typical cryo-EM workflow and the potential for backlogs

Utilization conflict and how to minimize investment

How Cray’s expertise can net a 60% speed advantage

With our 45 years of experience handling data-centric workflows, Cray’s solutions are pre-configured to speed time to innovation, handle today’s workloads, and scale to meet the data demands of tomorrow.

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